About OiOMyCare

OIO care N cure is a new concept that helps patients book appointment with nearby hospitals or preferred locations with good facilities at low tariffs through website.

Advantages for patients:

  • Easily book appointment from home with a lot of hospital options.
  • As most of the hospital Estimate differs a lot from final bills, here they have a good platform to get rid of it.
  • Inspite of such wonderful services some free special services may be offered like periodic free health check up
  • No need to request any one for discount.

Advantages for Hospitals:

  • It will hike the bed occupancy rate.
  • Brand promotion with Zero investment
  • Satisfaction will be high as there will be transparency in billing.
  • Reduces cost on marketing or referral to enhance more revenue for hospital.

We are your trusted healthcare partner who will conduct:

  • Free healthcheck ups may be arranged at communnity level.
  • Corporate visit with free health check up programme like PPT,FCI,BSNL,RSP, etc.
  • Collect patient through web feedback form or rating, and those should be analyzed and corrective and preventive action may be taken. Content for Medical Treatment in India

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